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LucaciStudio is a multi-disciplinary group that uniquely partners with key clients to create breakthrough and iconic product solutions. We re-think today’s strategy and challenges by helping companies find a purposeful place in people’s lives and culture. Our latest initiatives and work translates consumer insights and complex problems into compelling and thoughtful solutions for our clients. We develop future scenarios and tangible design concepts which bridge the gap between ‘blue sky’ conceptual work and business-critical programs.

LucaciStudio was established by the same
design principles that has guided Iulius throughout his design career with Fitch, Lunar, ZIBA, Radius Innovation, Motorola and Dell. Our first client was Herman Miller Inc. and today we collaborate with Fortune 500 clients including Samsung, Magellan, Nextel International, RTC and others. Our studio philosophy and design solutions are about creative substance and understanding the product usage in the context of social-cultural needs and wants.


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